Hello we are Terry and Debbie and we run Edens Rest Wholesale Plant Nursery!

Our Nursery Specialises in potted Laurel from 1 litre pots upto 30 litre pots ready to plant all year round!

We offer a large variety of fruit trees and ornamental cherry and apple aswell as shrubs and other hedging!

We started our business in 2015 after we had a sudden bereavement and I became ill it was at that point we decided we wanted a lifestyle change and so we set up Edens Rest Plant Nursery!

Working with nature is a wonderful medicine and encouraging others to plant and get in touch with nature has a positive impact on mental health and well-being reducing stress!

This is in addition to the wonderful benefits we will receive from our improved environment which is so important to us all.

We are very passionate and want to help encourage others to see how great it feels to be in touch we nature!

If you wish to visit us at Edens Rest you can make an appointment by Contacting Us